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Spiritual Edgewalking: Back Home to the Soul

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The mission statement of the Center for Art, Humor & Soul identifies itself as a space for supporting and gathering edgewalkers, artists, and cultural creatives in service to art, humor and soul, and emergent cultural change. Edgewalkers are those who have walked the edges of tradition throughout history into the present, including the mystics and prophets, the philosophers and artists, who used their voices, pens, music, and creations to express an emergent truth. It includes those who walk the edge of the prevailing ways of understanding the world, and meeting the fears of the time head-on, expanding what is possible. These individuals, and collective movements, have been shapers of culture, a forcefield that has led humanity forward toward streams of justice, equity, healing, and ancient wisdom, through creative expression, embodiment and action.

Many edgewalkers have been oppressed, or even killed, because they opposed the status quo and could not and would not stay silent, from Galileo to Martin Luther King, Jr. It is their unique understanding of the world and how it works, of who and what humans are, who and what God is, that has shifted and evolved humanity. It is invention, imagination, discovery, play, exploring, experimenting, pushing the boundaries of the known, that has evolved humanity.

Today, there are modern day mystics and prophets who live among us in the every-day marketplace, disguised as nature, cultural creatives, artists, scientists, and mothers and fathers. There are times in human history that paradigms have shifted in dramatic ways. The enlightenment was one of those times, the agricultural revolution before that, and the development of the human species as different from other mammals before that. That's the thing about the evolution of consciousness int his planet; it seeks higher and higher expression. We are in another such shift now. Each one of us has an "inner mystic," a connection, whether remembered or not, to the Source of all creativity, with what some call God, others, the Divine, others the Creator. Whatever your term is for what is ultimately unnameable.

The new human, the emergent world, cannot be created from old patterns or old belief systems. However, spiral dynamics tells us that as we develop, or transcend previous levels of being, we also include those areas that served the whole and integrate them into what is emergent. We stand within liminal space right now, that space in-between, and it is bringing together edgewalkers. Those who stand at thresholds of what is new and has not yet been fully articulated. There are those alive today who know they are here to be a bridge between the “old” world and the unknown new. It can be an uncomfortable and lonely place to be. It can also be invigorating. CAHS seeks to offer space for these voices, creations, ideas, and discoveries to be shared. A space for you, who might be moved by curiosity and an inner inquiry to engage the world in a new way.

At the heart of what is shifting is an awakening, a re-membering, a repositioning. A movement from head to heart. From mind to soul. An integration. An understanding of energetics and the new Quantum physics. The development of natural intuitive senses, imagination in its truest sense, and inner science. We inhabit a material universe with immaterial foundations, surrounded by intelligent spiritual reality. Material itself, including our bodies, is woven from light, from energy. That light, the energetic force of the universe, is found within each one of us, and in all beings. It is through our conscious embodiment of this light, our awareness of the fullness of who and what we are, that brings us back home to our soul.

Energy practitioners, and studies of the electromagnetic field around the body, say that there is an energy field around each living being. Humans have an energy field that extends 3-6 feet around our body. Within that field are layers that make up all of who and what we are. A future blog will go into the reality of this fullness, and how we can position ourselves to live from our highest, truest, self, which is from our soul fully embodied.

A positioning back to the intelligence of the heart, rooted in our soul, opens us to a creativity beyond what we "know" with our heads. Beyond the limits of what we've thought was possible for ourselves, for our communities, and for the world. As we stand on a threshold of massive cultural shifts, at the edge of planetary destruction or planetary liberation, it seems imperative that we narrate a new story of the human, and all of life, as sacred. A new story based on our innate interconnection with spirit, with the animating source of the universe, and learn together how to live from that creative center within ourselves. The soul.

Here at CAHS, we look forward to playing, experimenting, and creating in this field of possibility and potential together, to bring what we may not have thought possible, what is filled with joy and expansion, into a new form.

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