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Center for Art, Humor & Soul? What?

Is it a place with art galleries? Is it the place where classes on mindfulness are offered? Stand up comedies?

We are here to address your question. Center of Art, Humor & Soul, or CAHS is a Non Profit, that offers an online platform for expression to those who find themselves on the edge of culture, society and norms. If you are an #edgewalker, we are here to partner with you, because your voice deserves to be heard.

Our first highlighted project was in partnership with our sister company- Ted & Co. Theatreworks. In Human Faces Tour, we captured portraits of resilient people who came forward and narrated their mental health struggles. #Portraitsofresilience is now a successful book and video project, which you can learn more about here.

Since you are here, you must know that you are one of the first people to read our blog posts, since we launched our blog page today! So we want to extend a warm welcome to you. Join us on a journey this month, as we explore the meaning of Art, Humor, and Soul together. We will be covering these themes weekly, starting with #Art on March 9th, moving to #Humor on March 15th, and then #Soul on March 22nd.

Follow us on our socials (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) to keep up with our exciting edge walker stories. Reach out to us if you consider yourself to be an edge walker and express it through your art. We are always looking for talent to feature or partner with!

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