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Happy Meteor Watch Day!

It’s National Meteor Watch Day! It may at first seem an obscure “national day” to celebrate, but keep reading for perhaps a new view on the importance of meteors and planetary bodies on our own bodies and lives! This day invites us to look into the night skies, to feel ourselves connected with a much bigger story than our day-to-day four walls, worries or challenges, as important as those might be. It’s an invitation to take a deeper breath, spend time with the dark skies and stars, and perhaps get a glimpse of a “falling star” or meteor, and a new view.

When we open to the expanse of the universe, even just the small segment we can see, we are also invited into our own inner expansiveness. A reminder that we are more than we think we are. Within an emerging, yet ancient, sacred cosmology, humans (and all living beings, including those things we might see as not-beings) are interconnected with the deep cosmic unfolding of life. Our personality, sense of higher purpose, our wounds, are interconnected with planetary positions and stars and black holes, asteroids, and meteors.

We can see meteors as pieces of rock, or space “debris”, or we can see them as part of sacred cosmic history, with its own information from its journey through the universe, connected with our own in some way. It’s a matter of perception, and which story we choose to inhabit: the old Newtonian story of linear flat time in a mechanized universe, or the emerging story that understands that all of life, including those bodies in the deep above and the deep below, are alive, even if in an archetypal sense.

The human connection with stars and planets is as old as the earliest humans, positioning sacred stone monuments and burial chambers in alignment with the solstices. Or the guiding star we read about in Christian scriptures. The whole field of astrology has grown to be a more serious, astute reflection on society and political realities, along with the old individual pop astrology profiles. And most recently, brought into academia, psychology, research, and human development studies.

The Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA recently offered a course in archetypal astrology and depth psychology. The course description notes that, “Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are archetypal principles associated with awakening and creative power, idealism and spiritual experience, power and transformation. Exploring the role of these principles in our lives can help us to better understand the movements and purposes of the deeper psyche, especially the transformative dynamics and themes of the individuation process.”

Kim Gould, a Human Design coach/teacher and founder of Love Your Design in Australia, connects the dots between a person’s Human Design profile and astral bodies, especially asteroids. She summarizes the Human Design System as, “… a consciousness tool that awakens us to where our own personal transformation meets universal evolution.” Human Design is also based on ancient esoteric wisdom correlated with quantum science, chaos theory, and complexity. She describes the connection with humans and asteroids, “The asteroids in the Main Asteroid Belt forge a link between us as individuals, and our natural place in culture and society.

“They are literally the personality shards of culture we hold within our DNA.”

These are just a few examples of how the transformative qualities of planetary bodies on human life are becoming not only more accessible but are opening up spaces to reconsider the extent of our interconnection with all of life and what that means for us personally and as a species. These are fringy, edgy spaces that intersect with spirituality and religion, human development, peacebuilding, psychology, biology, quantum science and other fields.

On this National Meteor Watch Day, you are invited out into the dark night with your folding chair and your family or friends, or maybe just with your own self, to witness the stars and planets, and keep watch for those meteors. Resources are available online to find out more about specific meteor showers and their meanings. But be open and curious about your own experience, knowing that the minerals in your own body, and the deep history of how you came to be here at this moment, are interconnected.

Upcoming meteor showers:

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