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Investing in creative expressions emerging from the edges of a new world. 

It is during times of planetary trouble, of cultural upheaval, that the sages and tricksters say are ripe with possibility. When the way is not clear, and what once was a norm is no longer, it's time to listen into the edges, the margins, the cracks in the veneer. These are the spaces for artists and creatives and visionaries, sparking to life the creative flame that burns at the heart of all people. We invite projects that stir the pot with new stories, upside-down ideas, shimmers of an exposure to what is real beneath the real. Those that invite laughter and grief. Those that invite us closer into our own shadows and geniuses, that allow seeds to sprout in the unlikeliest of places to grow into the new world that is wanting to emerge.  CAHS exists to invest in people and projects on these edges. Explore more about the projects we've invested in, and how to apply to have your project, or dream-seed, considered. 

Image by Jr Korpa

Dream-stage Projects

Every year, we choose 1-2 creative projects that are in the "dream" stage that require resources and collaboration to bring what is not yet visible, or known, into form. 

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

Next-stage Projects

We support creative projects by artists, spiritual explorers, and world creators that are already in motion, but need a little funding or collaboration.

Image by Christine Roy

Multiplying Impacts

Any community who wants to bring a performance, exhibit, or other creative event to their region ought to be able to afford to do so. We help to make this possible.

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