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Design work

The Infamous Stringdusters merch

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Design work

FloydFest 19

Voyage Home

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Free-hand signage

Devil's Backbone Hoopla event

Brandon, artist name, Libermanibus, is a freelance graphic designer, painter, multi-instrumentalist, poet  and magician. He specializes in freehand ink drawing and acrylic painting. Brandon has innate gifts and talents he's honed over the years, without any formal art education. All of his work is done without the use of a ruler, compass or any other corrective tool. He is passionate about creating balance through abract and surreal designs and rendering captivating depictions of Elsewhere. He gains inspiration everywhere.

His original artwork and prints are available for purchase. He also does commissioned pieces, logos and graphic design for band merch, businesses and events. CAHS seeks to support independent talented struggling artists and asks for your partnership. Donations can be made directly to Brandon, or to CAHS for a tax-deductible receipt, which will be forwarded to the artist.

See a sampling of Brandon's artwork below.

Venmo: @brandon-serrels / / @Libermanibus

A collaborative art project in the works with Brandon Serrels and Ashton Hill. 

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