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No Feeling is Final

the Film


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Written & performed by Ted Swartz, No Feeling Is Final builds on the friendship between two artists who, over a 20-year period, create wider and wider circles of connection through art, humor, and soul. It's a film about how mental illness changed everything. It's about Ted's story, and the story of others who intersected with his story, around grief and loss, hope and resilience, forgiveness and transformation.


It's an intimate, funny and vulnerable look at how telling our authentic stories -- both painful and hopeful -- can connect and carry us through hard times together.


Filmed on location at Goshen Theater in Goshen, Indiana. Directed by Michelle Milne, cinematography by Steven Stauffer. Based on the book Portraits from the Human Faces Tour, by Ted Swartz with Valerie Luna Serrels, photography by Steven Stauffer. 

No Feeling is Final 

Reviews of the Film

"Really touching - a great balance of comedy and honest vulnerability. I like that it flip-flopped between documentary and performance."

viewer from Detroit, MI

"Sensitive writing and acting, excellent cinematography, universal human emotions poignantly portrayed. Ted's creativity and personal RESILIENCE beautifully expressed."

viewer from Mechanicsburg, PA

"Powerful, poignant, sad, hard, creatively constructive, hopeful"

viewer from Oak Park, IL

"Poignant, thought-provoking, informative, very-well done."

viewer from New Market, VA

"Authentic , moving and thought provoking. Grief
is such a taboo subject but important to discuss as it will touch everyone at some point in their lives."

viewer from New Jersey

"I loved it! I am grateful for the gifts of insight that come from random places. Today it was from this movie. "I was...pedestrian" I needed to hear that when you close off so nothing gets in...nothing gets out either."

viewer from Victoria, BC, Canada

"Very moving. Accessible to both those who know Ted and have followed since the Ted & Lee days and newcomers to this topic. Impactful and inspiring conclusion."

viewer from Harrisonburg, VA

"This film has given me another beautiful point of connection - to others who grieve, others who struggle, others who are resilient. It has given me another opportunity to take out my own grief, hold it gently, turn it in my hands, and practice the rituals that help me to go on."

viewer from Columbus, OH

No Feeling is Final and You

No Feeling is Final: the Film, will soon be available to purchase as a link for a specified time period for use in groups, classes, and events. Additionally, the StoryGuide by the same title will be available to purchase to accompany the film to provide deeper inquiry into the themes presented in the film for application in viewer's own lives and stories, opening up spaces for deep group connection and personal reflection. Perfect for Sunday School classes, academic classes in middle schools, high schools and universities, and community events and workshops around mental health. 

The film and StoryGuide will be ready for purchase in early 2022 on the Ted & Company TheaterWorks website store. If you'd like to be notified when they're available, please subscribe to our mailing list for updates and notices! 

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