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Image by Jr Korpa

Dream-stage Projects

All creative projects begin as a dream. An idea. A seed underground. Before they are fully fleshed out, they are pure possibility. We choose 1-2 of these projects a year, as funding allows, to collaborate with artists of all types, cultural creatives and spiritual visionaries who walk the edges between the world that has been and the world that is emerging, to bring the dream to life.

When funded, these projects are supported by CAHS staff to help discern next steps, needed resources, possible mentors, and/or identify other artists to collaborate with in a process of co-creation. More than anything, these processes are meant to nurture creativity and cross-pollination, grow artistic craft and imagination, encourage exploration, and be fun! Examples of projects include plays from idea to script to stage, or a musical, an album, an art installation, or an event that brings new ways of imagining the world and nurturing human potential and creativity. Priority is given to projects that dance between dominant culture and emergent culture and those on the edges due to race, gender, religious tradition, or divergent worldviews.

For those of you blessed with abundance who'd love to be involved in bringing transformative dreams to life, please know your donation extends good will out into the world, empowers important projects to come into being, and circles back around to you as sacred reciprocity. 

If you have a dream burning inside you that feels so important it keeps you up at night... a potentially transformative project that is ready to burst forth... we want to hear about it! Priority is given for projects that bridge the edges between dominant culture and emergent culture, and those on the edges due to race, gender, religious tradition, or divergent worldviews.

Image by Jr Korpa

Dream-stage Projects Supported by CAHS

Enneagram ted and michelle.JPG

Photo credit to director Bryan Rafael Falcon. Shadow exploration by designer Kimi Maeda.

The Enneagram Project

Growing out of conversations between Ted Swartz and Michelle Milne, the vision was for a multifaceted, flexible show. Flexible seems a key word right now... it seems imperative to be responsive to the needs of communities and audiences revamping how to interact in COVID times. The material could be presented in a variety of ways: online and live (we look forward to that time!); in shorter segments and longer ones; for audiences ranging from businesses to colleges to churches; with subject matter geared to conflict transformation, and healthy personal and business relationships.


Regardless of the form, this is an exciting project in development. The enneagram has captured people’s imaginations with both ancient and fresh understandings of ourselves and how we might relate to those we encounter at work and in personal relationships with more understanding and grace.

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